Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are perfect when you are on camping. Easy to make and a luscious food for breakfast or whenever you are hungry! I am a big fan of the following excellent video by Jamie Oliver, where he is explaining the basic recipe of scrambled eggs in three different ways (English, French, and American style…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Video is not food, but food for your eyes, ears and your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Breakfast Ideas for Valentine’s Day

How to Make a Heart Shaped Egg by DaveHax     Pancake with Bacon, Pizza, Egg in a Hole by HGTV Handmade     Valentine Pancakes and another Breakfast Ideas by Eugenie Kitchen

Fancy Holiday Napkins

Even on travel I like a nicely laid table with fancy folded napkin on special events. For this topic, I found a cool video from Grant Thompson on YouTube. First, he introduces “9 Ways To Fold Fancy Holiday Napkin” hastily. But don’t worry at the end of the video you find an overview where you…